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About Avionics Place


Avionics Place is one of the oldest avionics shops in Illinois. We first made a name for ourselves at Dacy Airport in 1974 where we focused on radios for small aircraft, back when you could buy an aircraft without radios! In 1981, we moved to Rockford International Airport where we have been ever since. We now operate out of a 6550 square foot hanger on the North East side of the Airport. We focus primarily on general aviation aircraft but have retrofitted panels in everything from experimental aircraft to retired fighter jets. Avionics Place is a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA).


What We Do


New & Used Avionics Installs

Avionics Place is capable of installing avionics in any general aviation aircraft. Come visit our show room to demo the newest avionics or view our used inventory.

Custom Cut Panels

Have you always dreamed of a custom cut panel? Let us cut you beautiful panel with our state of the art CNC machine

IFR and VFR Certifications

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Superior Products

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    Service Department

    We not only install new avionics but we also repair older equipment as well. In fact, customers from all over the country send their broken avionics to us to be repaired.

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    Experimental Aircraft

    In addition to working on certified aircraft, we also service a vast array of experimental aircraft.

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    Panel Gallery

    We take a lot of pride in our work and this gallery has just a few of our more recent installs. Take a look at the before and after pictures to help understand how much detail goes into every job.