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Avidyne FlightMax EX500

Avionics Place is a certified Avidyne Dealer/Installer. Below is some information from Avidyne's Company Website about the EX500.  If you are interested in more information on the EX500 system or are interested in getting a free quote email us at avionicsplace@avionicsplace.com or call us at (815)299-5360. 

Ultra-Bright, High-Resolution Display

The FlightMax EX500 features the industry-leading, high-resolution, active-matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD), providing you with the brightest, most versatile big-screen moving map available. With nearly three times as many pixels as some competitors displays, and an incredibly wide viewing angle, it provides clear and concise navigation & information over an exceptional color-contoured terrain and water base map.


avionics place avidyne ex500

avionics place avidyne ex500

One of the Best Maps Available

All special-use and class airspaces are color-keyed for added clarity, and can be displayed at the same time as NEXRAD or weather radar data for a more complete picture. Comprehensive Jeppesen NavData™ and an expansive North American obstacle database provide an unparalleled view of your flight environment.

Full overlay capability allows you to add or remove traffic, Stormscope, and radar, with 180-degree forward view and 360-degree center view maps.


Curved Paths & CMax™ Approach Charts

The FlightMaxEX500’s large display shows easy-to-see curved flight path segments such as DME arcs, holding patterns and procedure turns, overlaid with traffic, terrain, weather, airports and runway diagrams. In addition, Avidyne's CMax™ Electronic Approach Charts allows you to view all available procedures and airport diagrams in the Jeppesen database, with an overlay of the flight plan and aircraft position, taking the guess work out of shooting instrument approaches.

avionics place avidyne ex500
avionics place avidyne ex500

A Great Value

The integrated-datalink FlightMax EX500 provides the most features, functions, and overall utility available, all at a price unmatched in the industry. The FlightMax EX500’s high-resolution display allows you to easily see your flight plan and display weather all along your route. Having the complete picture on your map display gives you the ability to avoid weather and stay clear of restricted airspaces, saving you time and fuel.The FlightMax EX500 has a complete terrain and water base map, as well as a North American database containing towers and other obstacles greater than 200’ AGL, providing unsurpassed depiction of terrain hazards. Obstacles can be displayed with MSL altitude labels, and Avidyne’s exclusive terrain.  The Trip page provides supplemental information about your route of flight including a list of all remaining waypoints in the active flight plan, with distances and times for each leg. Graphical METARs for all reporting airports are also in the list, which can help you in determining an alternate airport in the event of inclement weather or an emergency situation. Textual METARs are also available for each reporting airport.

Units and systems the EX500 is capable of interfacing with:

avionics place avidyne ex500 avionics place avidyne ex500

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